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Fort Wonderboom


Overlooking the Wonderboompoort, on the crest of the Magaliesberg peak within the Wonderboom Nature Reserve stands the ruins of Fort Wonderboom.

Fort Wonderboom was one of four strategically positioned forts that surrounded Pretoria. They were built by the then government of the ZAR in the late 1800's to defend the city and its inhabitants  against the invading British Forces during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

The fort was supplied with electricity, running water and a telephone line. There were 18 gunners stationed at the fort at the beginning of the war, but this dwindled to only one by June 1900 when Pretoria was occupied by the British, without resistence. No shot was ever fired from Fort Wonderboom.

The fort was meant to be converted into a prison along with Fort Daspoortrand, but instead, its roof was demolished during the Second World War. It is believed this occured under the istructions of Prime Minister Jan Smuts who feared the fort may be used by anti-government forces.

Visitors to the Wonderboom Nature Reserve can reach the fort after a challenging 2km hike up the Magaliesburg, where they will be rewarded with an exceptional view over Pretoria's skyline and northern suburbs.

Fort Wonderboom
Contact the Wonderboom Nature Reserve:

Tel: 012 543 0918
Gate Times: 07:00 to 18:00 daily
(not allowed to enter after 16:00)