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Pretoria City Hall

The Pretoria City Hall was built to celebrate the achievement of Pretoria's city status in 1931. The building was inaugurated 4 years later, in 1935.

Pretorius Square, in front of the Pretoria City Hall, is one of many beautiful parks scattered across the city. The park is home to a beautiful garden, elaborately designed fountains and three statues of people who were significant in Pretoria's history:

Martinus Pretorius – First president of the South African Republic (ZAR) and founder of Pretoria

Andries Pretorius – A Voortrekker leader after whom Pretoria was named

Chief Tshwane – Believed to be one of the earliest settlers in the area, the city of Tshwane (formerly Pretoria) was named after him. This statue is the newest of the three and was unveiled in 2006, standing closest to the City Hall.

Find accommodation in the City of Tshwane (previously Pretoria), and visit the Pretoria City Hall during your visit.

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