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Wonderboom Nature Reserve

The Wonderboom Nature Reserve in the North of Pretoria is a small reserve in the Magaliesburg mountains that offers visitors much to see and do.

The best known attraction within the reserve is its namesake, the Wonderboom ("Miracle Tree"). This immense wild fig tree stands 25m tall, 55m wide, and has 13 individual trunks which took root when the parent tree's branches touched the ground and sprung up as a daughter tree.

The tree is estimated to be over 1000 years old, and legend has it that it has grown to such an enormous size because a powerful chief was buried beneath it.

Within the nature reserve, visitors can take a short hike up the mountain to view a cave a man-made waterfall that cascades down the western side of the mountain into the Apies River. This hike provides unparalleled views of the surrounding areas, including the Wonderboom Junction shopping centre across the road from the reserve.

Another attraction in the Wonderboom Nature Reserve is the historical Fort Wonderboom. One of four forts built to protect the city of Pretoria during the South African War (1899-1902), Fort Wonderboom was actually never involved in any fighting action. Near the beginning of the Second world war, the fort was blown up to ensure it could not be used by enemy forces. A challenging hike takes visitors to the remains of the fort, which offers magnificent views over the city of Pretoria to its South.

Archeologically, the reserve is home to both an Iron Age and a Stone Age excavation site.

A variety of birdlife and wildlife can be seen in the reserve, including guineafowl, dassies, antelope and a breeding pair of Black Eagles.

Entrance fees to the reserve are R25 per adult and R15 per child. Day visitors are allowed access to all attractions within the reserve, as well as picnic facilities.

Wonderboom Fig Tree
Contact the Wonderboom Nature Reserve:

Tel: 012 543 0918
Gate Times: 07:00 to 18:00 daily
(not allowed to enter after 16:00)